FR-UK11 Series

Transformer Based UPS FR-UK11 Series (1-10kVA)

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Product Description

Transformer Based UPS FR-UK11 Series (1-10kVA)

Single Phase Online Transformer Based UPS (1-10kVA)

The Kehua FR-UK series low power UPS uses full digitalized control technology and modular design, and has complete functions with high reliability, simple operation, convenient maintenance, as well as other advantages. Along with power components and inverter module with excellent performance, smart multi-mode battery management technology is utilized to protect power delivery in harsh power grid environments to provide clean, safe, and stable power to loads.


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Excellent Performance, Outstanding Metrics

• Ultra-low output voltage harmonic distortion effectively protects loads while reducing energy consumption

• Optimized structural design that is small, convenient, and reduces space usage

• Powerful overloading capacity; can provide stable uninterrupted power for 10 minutes at 125% overloading to ensure equipment operates normally and safely

• High efficiency fan cooling; low noise for the entire system provides an environmentally friendly and comfortable working environment

Economy Mode, Significant Energy Savings

• When the power quality from the mains grid is high, ECO mode can be used to provide power to the load which greatly improves overall efficiency, resulting in significant energy savings and reduced operation costs

Convenient Operation, Efficient Maintenance

• Modularized design makes cabinet maintenance even more convenient

• Components can be directly replaced which greatly reduces maintenance costs and average maintenance time resulting in high maintenance efficiency

Multi-level Protection, Safe Operation

• Automatic detection upon startup which discovers hidden faults in a timely manner to ensure equipment safety and avoid unnecessary loss

• Complete protection and warning function sets off a sound and light alarm immediately to implement real-time protection for a peace of mind

Battery Management Self Developed and Patented Technology

• Has DC start so that UPS can start normally even when there is a power grid blackout

• Incoming electricity automatically restores battery group charging without the need for manual intervention

• Supports battery temperature compensation which extends battery life

Ultra-Long Backup Time, Battery Endurance

• The backup time of the standard models are the best in the industry and provides longer power time and protection for electrical equipment Backup time can also be configured according to user’s actual requirements which ensures user’s important loads continue to function as required

• Battery overcharging protection and over discharging protection prevents damage to the battery and extends its life

• Real-time remaining battery power display makes it easier to monitor battery status

Variety of Interfaces, Multiple Communication Methods

• A variety of communication options are available; supports RS232, dry contact, SNMP and other communication interfaces

• Smart monitoring of computers and the uninterruptible power supply can be implemented by a variety of communication methods to satisfy user’s remote management needs

• Complete communication management functions allows you to monitor equipment statuses with ease