FR-UK31 Series

Transformer-based UPS FR-UK31 Series(10-50kVA)

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Product Description

Transformer-based UPS FR-UK31 Series(10-50kVA)

3-In-1-Out Online Transformer-based UPS(10-50kVA)

The FR-UK series is the result of Kehua’s 20 years of research and development experience and utilizes Kehua’s self-developed patented technology. In order to satisfy client’s high requirements, a reliable new generation high performance sine wave online power supply was designed. It has complete functions, is small in size, and is highly efficient with simple operation along with other features. It is particular suitable for use in harsh power grid environments.


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High Performance Design:

• Full digital control, better control precision for the entire system with high real-timeliness and better integration;

• Advanced DSP + MCU control, automation standards are higher for the overall system;

Reliable Design:

• The output isolation transformer prevents the output DC component from affecting the load and reduces the output zero voltage to satisfy the zero voltage requirements for specific industries while improving the surge resistance of system output;

• Onlinedual transformer structure design protects and ensures equipment can be safely operated;

• Great power input adaptability and grid network adaptability;

• Wide input voltage and input frequency range reduces the chances of battery discharge and extends battery life;

• Lightening protectiondesign for the input so that equipment is effectively protected under special circumstances;

Designed for Humans:

• Chinese/English LCD display shows real-time UPS operation status, parameters, and other information making UPS management more convenient;

• Parameters can be flexibly configured via the LCD displays;

• Real-time remaining battery power display makes it easier to monitor battery status;

• Very powerfulinternet monitoring functions, with RS232/RS485 output interface making it easy to connect with computers

UPS Monitoring:

• Remote SNMP monitoring management function; provides real-time UPS information;

• Has DC start so that UPS can start normally even when there is a power grid blackout; also has automatic start when power from the power grid restarts, so that the process is fully automatic; complete protective functions:

• Overload protection, over temperature protection, short circuit protection, output over and under voltage protection, and real-time protection functions ensure UPS reliability and prevents damage to load equipment;

• Battery overchargingprotection, over discharging protection, polarity wrong protection, and other protective measures prevents damage to the battery and extends its life.