HC/HB Range

Single cell, High Rate Performance Ni-Cd battery

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Product Description

Capacity range: 9 Ah – 920 Ah IN 47 capacity steps
This battery is designed for instances when there is demand for high current over short periods typical of starting and UPS applications.

The HC/HB range uses very thin plates and is designed for applications where there is a demand for a relatively high current over short periods, usually less than 30 minutes in duration. The applications can have frequent or infrequent discharges. The range is typically used in starting and UPS applications.


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Main benefits include

  • Life in excess of 25 years
  • Resistance to electrical abuse
  • Resistance to shock and vibration
  • Simple maintenance
  • Low life cycle cost
  • Operation over a wide temperature range

The H range uses very thin plates and is designed for applications where there is a demand for a relatively high current over short periods, usually less than 30 minutes in duration. The applications can have  frequent or infrequent discharges. The range is typically used in starting and power back-up applications.

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