KR-RM Series (10-20kVA)

KR-RM Series (10-20kVA)

Transformer-free UPS KR-RM Series (10-20kVA)

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Product Description

Transformer-free UPS KR-RM Series (10-20kVA)

Online Transformer-free UPS Rack/Tower Type (10-20kVA)

The KR-RM series is the best solution for protecting data centers, IT networks, telecommunications systems, automation control systems and promised afford stable and reliable power supply for the critical load. The KR-RM series is available 10-15-20 kVA models with three phase\single phase input and three phase \single phases output.


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Advanced Technology:

• Adjustable 33/31 input & output configuration

• Online Double Conversion

• Fully digital control technology

• High input power factor up to ≥0.996

• High output power factor up to 0.9 (1.0 Optional)

Green Power:

• Low THDi: <5%

• High AC/AC efficiency up to 96%

Excellent Flexibility:

• 4 units parallel supported

• Tower and rack compatible design

• 24-40 batteries adjustable

• Max. 10A Charging Current

• Intelligent RS485+EPO

• ECO function

• Galvanic isolation with transformer (optional)