Load bank testing is the only way to prove the integrity of the UPS and entire electrical

infrastructure including cabling, switchgear and generator, without any disruption to your clean protected power supply.
Super Neat offers a load bank testing service that comes to your site and completely proves the integrity of your systems. We undertake load bank testing as part of our maintenance program or on any make of UPS and Generator.
Load bank testing is the only certain way of knowing whether all the components of your system will perform, when called upon, to react in milliseconds to support your critical load.
Weekly testing of UPS and Generator systems, together with any batteries, ensures your power protection energy systems will work however, to be 100% certain, only load bank testing will identify potential weaknesses before you find out in failure.
Our mobile facilities provide load banks (AC and DC) up to 1.5 Mega watts.

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Super Neat can load bank test:

UPS, Battery Autonomy, Generators, AMF switch gear, cabling, etc.

We come to your site, when you need us. In working hours or out of hours.

All your critical systems are isolated throughout the load bank procedure so there is no disruption.

Any make, any size, any location.

Be certain, 100% certain.