UPS Battery Builds and installations

Uninterruptible power supplies and UPS Power Systems are synonymous with each other as the only serious way to guarantee seamless and unbroken emergency power for critical systems in the event of a power failure. Uninterruptible power supplies and UPS Power Systems store their backup short term electrical power in lead acid batteries.
Batteries are either within the UPS cabinet for a short autonomy or stored on racks for an extended autonomy, which can from 5 minutes or up to 12 hours and more for active power protection. The larger the autonomy the more space required for the batteries. Super Neat systems engineers have over 25 years of complete installation experience, replacing batteries in basements, on roofs, on ships, in remote location sites

Super Neat Systems design, build and install automatic UPS power protection systems across the UK. Ireland and Europe. Some of the most well known companies in the UK are power protected by Super Neat UPS Systems.
UPS Battery Autonomy – What is it? – Backup time available in the event of a power failure is calculated in minutes. This is termed “The Autonomy of the System”. A 15 minutes backup battery time is then termed as,” 15 minute Autonomy”. The amount of time your UPS is able to work autonomously without any external power source for business continuity.

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UPS Batteries Storage and conditions

The greater the autonomy required the more space required.UPS batteries vary in weight from 5 kilo’s to 32 kilo’s each. When SuperNeat Systems replaced the UPS system at the HQ of the Britannia Building Society we installed 120 tons of batteries. Every battery has to handled and placed in position. Once installed batteries need to be in a cool and damp free environment. Ambient temperature around 18-22 degrees centigrade.

UPS Battery Maintenance

All batteries need to be check by a trained engineer at least twice a year as part of the routine UPS maintenance. They will be tested and checked both visually and for current wave pattern to ensure that at the time of the service they are 100% capable of holding the electrical power as stated on each battery

UPS Batteries

Which brand do we install? SuperNeat Systems only use well known batteries brands, known globally. We never use so called ‘own brand’ batteries. Should you have a preference of battery manufacturer we’re happy to use any reputable battery maker of your choice.

UPS Battery Site Survey

We can carry out a site survey your UPS power system at no cost. After the survey we will offer you a choice of Battery options to suite your budget, to find the most cost effective battery replacement system.

UPS Battery System Design

SuperNeat can design from scratch a purpose built battery backup system, providing the schematics and electrical drawings that you will need should planning applications be required.

You have your own requirements

This is never an issue, SuperNeat Systems work with any make or company to arrive at the finished system that means your companies personal requirements.