UPS Hire, Temporary UPS, Mobile UPS, UPS Hire Short or Long term Hire

Our UPS hire systems will protect your power sensitive critical equipment wherever and whenever you need short term UPS power protection.

Why risk losing your data services when a UPS hire system can prevent a data crisis.

Whether you’ve had an emergency or own UPS has ‘given up the ghost’ or maybe you’re staging an outside event that requires absolutely ‘no break’ power, we can assist.

Our UPS units are available as ‘installed’ in building or as containerized systems, complete with their own built air con units, stand alone, clean unbreakable power.

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Uninterruptible Power Supplies need not be daunting. Let’s Help!
100% Super Neat for your critical systems.
Independent Energy Systems that you control.

Maybe a Hire UPS is not enough. Need a generator backed UPS power system too?
Large outside concerts and events require both Generators and UPS to provide clean reliable continuous power.

UPS Hire for both short term and long term site hire – Super Neat